Creative & Marketing

  • Sandi Turner

    Senior Vice President

    Sandi Turner is the Senior Vice President of Creative & Marketing at Jamestown.  Prior to joining Jamestown in 2017, she worked in creative, marketing, and communications for over 20 years, including as a consultant for Jamestown.  Ms. Turner has executed communications strategies for a variety of organizations and specializes in building marketing and communications departments from the ground up. She has built marketing programs for privately-held multinational corporations, local governments, an international non-governmental organization, a national non-profit, and her own entrepreneurial ventures.  Ms. Turner has consistently been recognized nationally for her creative work, winning 13 Savvy Awards since 2007 from the national marketing organization 3CMA, among other honors.  She received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Georgia in 1992.

  • Evan Fuller

    Vice President, Food & Beverage Director

    Evan Fuller is a Vice President of Creative and Marketing and the Food & Beverage Director of Jamestown.  Mr. Fuller oversees the visioning of food & beverage anchored place making, design and implementation, and vetting of potential concepts.  He joined Jamestown in 2011 as the Food & Beverage Coordinator, specializing in concepting and structuring operations for Jamestown-developed outlets.  Prior to joining Jamestown, Mr. Fuller spent 12 years in Food & Beverage with The Ritz-Carlton.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Vanderbilt University.